Mold testing in Martin County

How is mold tested in the air?

Air samples can be used to gather data about mold spores present in the interior of a house. These samples are taken by using a pump that forces air through a collection device which catches mold spores. The sample is then sent off to a laboratory to be analyzed.

As we know, mold can be very harmful to ones health, which is why it is critical to dryout a property as soon as possible to avoid microbial growth and colonization of spores. However, many water leaks go undetected and result in mold being present. No Worries! Call us to schedule your mold testing in Martin County, and we'll come out and go over all your options. We work quickly and promptly to remediate your commercial or residential property.

At AquaSeekers we strive to provide the best customer service. We love to educate our clients and on the remediation/restoration process from beginning to end. All of our technicians of mold testing in Martin County are certified and trained to perform all aspects of the remediation process. Here at AquaSeekers we take our job very serious, which is why as soon as a client calls in, we immediately dispatch a technician to your address to quickly begin mitigating the damages. The faster we get there, the less damages there will be!

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