Jeff Meeter

I can not say enough about how great Abriel and Jose were for us. They spent the time and searched until they found the source and put an immediate end to all our worries. Thank you so much!

Edward Hamrick

Jose and Abrielle are a pleasure to deal with when your house is damaged. They were the lone bright spot in a terrible ordeal when our house was water damaged due to a leaking pipe. Profesional, thoughtful, prompt, great communication and extremely knowledgable about the process. Highly recommend.

Scott Marino

I had a water leek in my shower wall and they came out right away. They took care of it.. They were easy to work with and the took care of all the water damage in my home. They made a stressful situation less stressful. Thanks

Marian R.

I usually don’t take the time to write reviews but they definitely deserve it.
A leak went undiscovered for a long time in a corner of my closet that I don’t use. It made me extremely sick for weeks & landed me in the ER (I’m asthmatic). When I finally looked in that corner, the entire thing was covered in mold; ceiling, walls, carpet, & everything that made contact with it. I was ready to abandon my place but a friend recommended AquaSeekers & I called them immediately. I’m so glad I did!! They were prompt & professional. The entire processed was explained to me very clearly & concisely. Great quality work... I can breath again!!! Abriel was very nice; she gave me the reassurance I needed. Jose was very polite & efficient.
If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing any of the services they offer, you can find solace that it will be taken care of correctly & efficiently if you call AquaSeekers.