Water damage restoration in Palm Beach County

The most important possession after your family might be your house. However, when it comes to security, most homeowners make the basic of all mistake. To truly protect your family, you must first protect your home. But the most invasive of all intruders at the one who takes over your home.

Black mold, which can produce chemicals that cause severe illness is the mold to worry about the most. Most water damages to commercial property are not necessary from hurricane or floods, but rather form unforeseen problems within the homes such as:

• Pipe Break
• Toilet Supply Line
• Water Heater Leak
• Leak from an Adjacent Unit
• Dishwasher Leak

Research shows that most insurance policies will cover mold, mildew, fungus or spores if they were the result of a specific problem that was covered by your policy such as water damage from a burst pipe that then results in mold. “Overall, to make a successful mold claim you must demonstrate that the damage from the mold was sudden and accidental when you found it and you reported it promptly to your insurer. This is the best way to ensure your insurance provider will cover the damages, “says Severeid. However, there is a limit to mold insurance coverage claimed, according to experts, it might be limited to $10,000, depending on your premium.

Water damage restoration in palm Beach County is essential especially if you are a homeowner or if your property is not insured. For any damage to your property or possessions, you will need to call a professional who knows how to get the job done quickly and cost effectively, whose experience can guide you to the right fix for your problems.

A professional company such as AquaSeekers LLC, can handle any type of water damage and can offer experienced estimates for your repairs and restorations.

AquaSeekers LLC is an emergency response service specializing in fire, smoke, mold, wind, vandalism, and water damage restoration in Palm Beach County. Our services expand to all the tri-county areas in South Florida.

AquaSeekers LLC is known for getting the job done quickly and professionally, working directly with clients and all insurance companies including Insurance Billing. At AquaSeekers LLC, we strive to provide the best customer service. We are the property damage experts in all the tri-county areas in South Florida when it comes to water damage. We are equipped with expertise and industry knowledge; our unmatched professionalism always ensures that all our clients' needs are respected, our professional technicians believe in timely execution and costumer's satisfactions. So, whatever the problem is, give us a call and let us find the solution that's right for you.

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